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Carnival Magic Cruise Ship Fun

If you’ve never been on a cruise before I suggest you try to at least once. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. I can’t say the same of other cruise lines, but Carnival Cruise lines is like a nonstop party. Similar to the blast we had at comal tubes in new braunfels texas

There’s something going on 24 hours a day. There’s food served Round-the-clock the pools and hot tubs are always open and the entertainment crew is always popping up on some part of the ship to get the party started.
If you go on a seven day cruise or longer normally it takes a couple days to get to the first stop. so not long after you’ve left the port you’re literally in the middle of nowhere all you can see is water.

Many people have asked don’t you get seasick. A few people do but on a large crew ship like the kind of magic or this class of ship the majority do not. The ship is so big that it displaces all of those massive waves and just smashes them. The ship Carnival Magic is three football fields long and almost one football field Wide. The captain said he used to drive a party bus! way cool, becuase my friend owns san marcos party bus.

You really don’t know you’re on the water unless you’re looking out the window or over the deck if you’re on the interior of the ship in a club or at a restaurant it just seems like you’re in a five-star hotel you can’t feel a thing you don’t even know you’re moving it’s crazy.

June 1, 2015 by Melody Wilkerson

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

Some consider the San Diego Zoo to be the greatest zoo in the world. It’s certainly a competitor for the title, given that it stretches across 100 acres of land and features as many as 3,700 animals divided across an impressive number of 650 different species. A good friend of mine over at the San Antonio water softener company added some details that you may find helpful


Whether you’re an animal lover or not, this zoo is sure to leave you stunned with at least some of its exhibits. This park was one of the first that featured open areas for the animals that were designed to resemble their natural habitats, and it stays true to this philosophy to this day.


A zoo and a safari park in one place


The park is split into different themes based on animals’ habitats, such as a rain forest or a tundra. You can either take one of the tour buses or choose to traverse on foot, and there’s even the option of using a gondola lift to explore the park. There’s also a safari park that’s styled to look like a natural habitat even more than the rest of the park.


Sadly, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit this park, but I definitely won’t miss it once my schedule clears. While it’s a foregone conclusion that I won’t get to check every single species during my time there, I’m sure I’ll be amazed by even a small fraction of them.


April 22, 2015 by Melody Wilkerson

Carnival Magic Excursions

There are advantages and disadvantages to paying for your excursion on the ship. Advantage you’re covered by the crew ship insurance if you get hurt while on the excursion they pay for your medical needs. Disadvantage it’s incredibly expensive you can get much cheaper excursions after your off the ship and on the island.

You don’t need to go on a $100 per person excursion to have fun once you’re off the ship talk to some of the locals or the shop owners get ideas of what to do. We spent 20 bucks per person in Cozumel which included taxi fare to and from a resort which gave us a free Private spot on the beach with a tropical palm tree like shelter and chairs and it also included free snorkel gear rental.

We spent about six bucks per person round-trip in the Cayman Islands to be brought to an incredibly beautiful beach where we just spent the day swimming in drinking beer by the water.  There were food trucks there as well soap, we were able to enjoy some of the local fare.

April 21, 2015 by Melody Wilkerson

On board scams:

Okay so maybe not so much a scam but an incredible waste of time for many.

They have these coupon book shows where they explain how you can save big bucks on all of the shopping areas at each island. The catch is they convince you to shop only at the approved merchants.

They say this is because your purchase will be protected. However we quickly found that these merchants were much more expensive then the merchants who were not on the list and that cruise lines get a massive percentage of the business sold to these merchants because they drop off a few thousand people at a time to these locations.

Don’t buy the coupon book. When you get onto the island just skip the first several groups of merchants and go on to buy the same things at a much cheaper price at the surrounding merchants only a few steps away.

April 20, 2015 by Melody Wilkerson

Cruiseship food and dining on the Magic

Dinner eat in the dining room for dinner, it’s not just dinner, it’s incredible entertainment. We selected the early dining which was about 6 PM. We did this because we heard they were great shows that started directly after dinner, around 8 o’clock. There is a late dinner but then you miss many of the shows.

The wait staff are also singers and dancers, about halfway through your meal they bust out in singing and dancing on top of some of the tables it’s Cray Cray!  Remember, there are no Americans working on the ship, The entire Carnival cruise ship staff is made up of people from other countries so you get the full accent and personalities of performers from other countries as your wait staff, it’s great!

The Menu:

The menu in the dining room is awesome. Each day is a different thing. Many items on the menu will be served each day. There will be new choices though based on each day’s theme. You can order as many appetizers as you like.You can indulge in as many Andres as you like. If you can handle it it’s all you can eat dessert.

My favorite was seafood day. I think I had six lobster tails. Three appetizers of the scallops. And a few key lime pie’s. Be careful there is a guy walking around with a huge frozen block of ice shaped like a pineapple which he pours out shots of a fruity alcoholic beverage at about 10 bucks a pop. No shortage on the alcohol content them things are strong you won’t just stop at one,  trust me.


be sure to read about the carnival scams!

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